What’s Coming to Netflix Australia in September 2020

We’re almost 9 months into 2020 already, and still great new movies and TV series are making their way over to Netflix Australia. Below is the list of what’s coming to Netflix Australia in September 2020.Please note that the list below isn’t currently the full selection of movies. and TV series coming to Netflix Australia in September 2020. We’ll continue to update the list below when we learn of even more titles that will be arriving soon.N=Netflix OriginalYou can still find the list of what’s arriving on Netflix Australia in August 2020.If you’re interested to learn more about the Originals arriving on Netflix in Septmber, here’s an in-depth look.What’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 1st, 2020A Star Is Born (1976) – Classical musical romance starring Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.Bait (2000) – Action comedy starring Jamie Foxx and David Morse.Borgen (3 Seasons) – Popular Danish political dramaThe Boss Baby: Get That Baby! (2020) N – Interactive special where you take charge as a baby and learn one of many jobs at Baby Corp.Curse of Chucky (2013) – Sixth installment of the Child’s Play franchise.Dudley Do-Right (1999) –  Comedy starring Brendan FraserFelipe Esperza: Bad Decisions (2020) N – Raunchy stand up comedy specialH (seasons) – French comedy seriesHeidi (Season 2) – Swiss animated seriesJackass 2.5 (2007) – Hilarious and painful sequel featuring all the boys of Jackass up to even more pranks, stomach-churning stunts.The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) – Crime drama starring Samuel L. Jackson and Geena Davis.Mary, Queen of Scots (2018) – Period drama starring Margot Robbie and Saoirse RonanThe Match (2019) N – Gritty sport dramaKeeping Up With the. Kardashians (Seasons 3&4) – Reality drama following the luxurious lives of the Kardashian family.Top Chef (Seasons 3&4) – Reality cooking competition that pits chefs against the other as they are judged by a panel of food and wine experts.Transformers Rescue Bots Academy (Season 2) – Kids animated adventure series set in the world of Transformers.True: Friendship Day (2020) N – Children’s animated filmWhat’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 2nd, 2020Bad Boy Billionaires: India (Season 1) N – Docuseries that investigates the greed and corruption of some of India’s richest men.Chef’s Table (Season 1) N – Food docuseries focused on the world’s best BBQ pitmasters of Australia, Mexico, and the United States.Freaks – You’re One of Us (2020) N – German superhero-drama.What’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 3rd, 2020Alfonso Padilha: Classless (2020) N – Stand up comedyAve Maryam (2018) – Romantic dramaLove Guarenteed (2020) N – Rom-com starring Rachel Leigh Cook and Damon Wayans Jr.Young Wallander (Season 1) N – Contemporary crime series based on the beloved Wallander novels by author Henning Mankell.What’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 4th, 2020A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014) – Comedy western starring Seth MacFarlane and Charlize Theron.Away (Season 1) N – Sci-Fi drama starring Hilary Swank as astronaut Emma Green, on a dangerous international mission to Mars.Escape From Wildcat Canyon (1988) – Family AdventureI’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020) N – Horror thriller based on Iain Reid’s novel,  starring Toni Collette and Jesse Plemons.Last Vegas (2013) – Comedy starring Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline.Ride Along (2014) – Buddy cop comedy starring Ice Cube and Kevin HartSea People (1999) – Family FantasySpirit Riding Free: Riding Academy (Part 2) N – Western family adventure seriesThe Theory of Everything (2014) – Biographical drama based on the life of esteemed scientist Stephen Hawking.Unbroken (2014) – Biographical war-drama based on Olympian Louis Zamperini’s experience in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp.What’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 6th, 2020Overlord (2018) – War horror that pits a group of American soldiers against horrific Nazi experiments behind enemy lines on D-Day.What’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 7th, 2020My Octopus Teacher (2020) N – Nature DocumentaryWhat’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 8th, 2020Welcome to Marwen (2018) – Biographical comedy-drama starring Steve CarellWhat’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 9th, 2020So Much Love to Give (2020) N – Argentinean comedyWhat’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 10th, 2020The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020) N – Horror sequel that pits Cole against his old enemies who unexpectedly return from the dead.The Idhun Chronicles (Season 1) N – Netflix’s first Spanish original anime series.What’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 11th, 2020The Duchess (Season 1) N – Comedy series starring Katherine RyanWhat’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 15th, 2020America’s Book of Secrets (Season 2) – Docuseries that explores organizations such as the Mafia, Hell’s Angels, and the Ku Klux Klan.Beyond Scared Straight (Season 4) – Reality series centered around juvenile delinquents who are taken to prison to learn from hardened inmates of the reality of prison life.Cold Case Files Classic (Season 1) – Crime docuseriesThe Curse of Oak Island (Season 2) – Reality seriesHope Frozen: A Quest to Live Twice (2020) N – Controversial documentary centered around a Thai family who have taken the painful decision to cryogenically freeze their dying toddler in the hope that future technology will save her life.Intervention (Season 6) – Hard-hitting docuseries centered around friends and family struggling with drug addiction.Izzy’s Koala World (Season 1) N – Children’s educational series that follows Izzy and her family as. they travel across Australia saving Koalas.Last Holiday (2006) – Rom com starring Queen Latifah and LL Cool J.Michael McIntyre: Showman (2020) N – Netflix Stand Up Special.The Rainmaker (1997) – Crime thriller that sees an underdog lawyer take on a fraudulent insurance company for the parents of a terminally ill boy.The Universe (Season 2) – Science and Nature docuseriesWhat’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 16th, 2020Criminal: UK (Season 2) N – British crime anthology.The Devil All the Time (2020) N – Crime thriller starring Robert Pattinson, Tom. Holland and Riley Keough.What’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 17th, 2020Friends (Seasons 1-10) – All ten seasons of the beloved American sitcom arrives on Netflix Australia for the first time.What’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 18th, 2020Ratched (Season 1) N – Ryan Murphy’s latest Original series takes place before the events of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest, and chronicles the rise of the evil Nurse Ratched.Jurassic World: Cretaceous Camp (Season 1) N – Animated adventure series that takes place during the events of Jurassic World.What’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 19th, 2020Bumblebee (2018) – Transformers prequel set in 1987 as Bumblebee arrives on Earth for the first time after evacuating from Cybertron.What’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 20th, 2020Peter Rabbit (2018) – Beatrix Potter’s classic English tale was brought to life in this animated adventure.What’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 22nd, 2020Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father (Season 4) N – Docuseries featuring comedian Jack Whitehall traveling around the world with his disapproving father.What’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 23rd, 2020Enola Holmes (2020) N – Mystery adventure starring Milly Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes, the sister of the eccentric Sherlock and Mycroft. When her mother goes missing, Enola sets out to find her and unravels a dangerous conspiracy around a young lord.What’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September 24th, 2020Romance on the Menu (2020) N – Romantic drama starring Cindy Busby and Tim RossWhat’s Coming to Netflix Australia on September on September 29th, 2020Michelle Buteau: Welcome to the Jungle (2020) N – Netflix Stand Up comedy special.Which new titles are you looking forward to watching on Netflix Australia in September 2020? Let us know in the comments below!
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