Little Girl Drifts Out to Sea in Inflatable Unicorn, Rescued by Ferry

Little Girl
Drifts Out to Sea on Inflatable Unicorn …
Rescue Mission Successful

8/25/2020 8:01 AM PT


A little girl got swept away by the ocean’s current off the coast of Greece while floating on top of an inflatable unicorn — but, thankfully, she was rescued before going full Wilson.
Check out this wild video of what’s said to be a 5-year-old being rescued by a ferry in the town of Antirrio as she drifted out about half a mile or so in the Gulf of Corinth. At first, one of the guys on the boat captures what appears to be just a tiny speck in the distance.
As the ferry gets closer, however, you can clearly make out the figure of a small child calmly sitting on top of the blow-up beach toy. Eventually, they get close enough to reel her in.
It’s unclear how the kid got so far away from shore without someone noticing, but reports say her parents panicked when they realized how far out she was and got in touch with port authorities for the rescue. Luckily, this ferry was willing to kick into gear and save her.
This scary moment went down just a day or so after another freak drifting sitch out in North Wales … where a little boy had floated out a couple hundred meters on a giant plastic swan and was initially found unconscious, no less, before he was resuscitated back to life.
Beware the waves, y’all … they might look like they’re coming at us, but they’ll apparently suck you in before you know it.

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