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25 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

National Dog Day is Wednesday, August 26th, 2020, and is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the canine companion that brings you so much love and fun. Whether you currently have a dog, had a beloved dog who passed away, or don’t currently own a dog but love them anyhow, there are so many ways to commemorate the day. And the best part is that unlike their human friends, most dogs aren’t super picky about gifts and treats so whatever you do will be met with pure, unadulterated joy. To help you get started, we asked experts for their favorite ways to celebrate National Dog Day. Check out these dogs with superpowers that will amaze you.Walk the dogs at your local shelterYou don’t have to have a dog of your own to celebrate National Dog Day. Dog lovers of all kinds can share the joy by volunteering at a local shelter, says Sara Ochoa, DVM, veterinarian and consultant for DogLab. “All shelter dogs love extra time spent outside of their kennels so pop in and take a few dogs for a walk,” she says.Take a basket of new toys to a shelterDon’t have time for a walk? Another way to celebrate National Dog Day and give back to the community is to take a basket of new dog toys to a nearby shelter or dog rescue, Dr. Ochoa says. The dogs will love the fun gifts and you’ll love knowing you brought pure joy to animals that give us so much joy every day. Here are some things your dog wishes you’d stop doing.Take your dog out for a puppuccinoWhat better to cap off a long fun day than with a cool, tasty beverage? Many ice cream places or coffee shops offer tasty treats made especially for dogs, usually involving ingredients like whole whipped cream and peanut butter, Dr. Ochoa says. You’ll have as much fun watching them eat it as they do eating it!Watch Homeward Bound togetherDo dogs recognize other dogs on screen? Some pet owners swear their pups enjoy their TV buddies but whether or not your dog is that self-aware, they’ll definitely enjoy snuggling up with you on the couch to watch a movie, Dr. Ochoa says. In honor of National Dog Day pick a flick where the canine is the hero, like these 14 dog movies to watch with your pooch.Spoil your dog with attention“What dogs really want most is your time and attention,” says Jennifer Coates, DVM, a veterinarian on the advisory board for Pup Life Today. So take this opportunity to “spoil” them with your undivided love and attention—playing, snuggling, exploring, or even napping together. Dogs don’t need fancy things or activities to feel loved, as shown by the 19 things your dog actually wants from you.Let your dog take you for a walkevrymmnt/ShutterstockWhen we walk our dogs, we’re the ones setting the pace, direction, and length so this National Dog Day flip the roles and let your dog lead you on a walk, Dr. Coates say
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