Two King Cobras Captured Near Dehradun In Separate Incidents

A king cobra that was rescued near Dehradun.Two king cobras were rescued in Uttarakhand in separate incidents. Both rescues took place near the state capital of Dehradun, with monsoon rain being blamed for the sudden emergence of these venomous snakes. Indian Forest Services officer Akash Kumar Verma took to Twitter to share details of both incidents. In a tweet posted on Tuesday, Mr Verma revealed that the forest department’s Rapid Response Team rescued a king cobra in Jamunwala, near Dehradun, amid rain. Sharing two videos of the rescue, the IFS officer said that heavy rain had led to increased instances of serpents venturing into human habitations. “With monsoon at peak, serpents often venture in human habitations,” he wrote while sharing the hair-raising footage of the incident, which he described as “insane”. The footage shows the Rapid Response Team working together to put a huge king cobra into a sack.Now this is insane… a King Cobra rescued by Forest’s Rapid Response Team amidst rain in Jamunwala, near Dehradun. 1/— Akash Kumar Verma, IFS. (@verma_akash) August 25, 2020With monsoon at peak, serpents iften venture in human habitations. It’s gladdening that people now are aware & pick the phone to inform Forest Dept. rather than a stick to hit the snake! 2/2.— Akash Kumar Verma, IFS. (@verma_akash) August 25, 2020This was not the only snake rescue to happen in Uttarakhand. This afternoon, Mr Verma took to Twitter again to share details of another king cobra rescue. “Another King Cobra rescued late night near Dehradun. Apparently, their habitat is bit too distrubed with monsoon rains it seems,” he wrote while sharing images of the massive snake.Another King Cobra rescued late night near Dehradun. Apparently, their habitat is bit too distrubed with Monsoon rains it seems.— Akash Kumar Verma, IFS. (@verma_akash) August 26, 2020The king cobra is the world’s longest venomous snake, endemic to the forests of India and Southeast Asia. It preys on other snakes and smaller reptiles and rodents. Earlier this month, a king cobra was  captured from a house in Uttarakhand. Click for more trending news
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