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Pet therapy: The epi(c)demic truth about cats and dogs

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Home>Opinion>Columns>Pet therapy: The epi(c)demic truth about cats and dogs

Household pets aren’t just great company, they also help us get over a particularly rough day, overcome laziness, and remind us that we’re responsible for lives other than our own.

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. Updated: 27 Aug 2020, 08:44 PM IST
Sushmita Bose

Those of us whose families have other animals are coping better with a homebound scenario that seems to be stretching out eternally, so let’s be thankful to our furry friends

I know someone who I, along with the rest of my gang, would refer to as the “crazy cat lady”. Her two “girls”, Cally and Sienna, always hogged the headlines at every gathering. Just as we would be on the edge of drum roll, waiting for scandalous gossip to be sounded out, Nimmi, the cat woman, would swan in and say, “Oh, enough of this tittle-tattle already, guess what Sienna did today? She had breakfast for two: she ate Cally’s share too!”

She conversed with her felines, and even solicited professional advice from them—she knew she was on the right track when either or both of her listeners would, on cue, gently nudge her.
In pre-corona t
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