Snake catcher grabs king cobra with his bare hands


Snake catcher grabs king cobra with his bare hands

A 10ft long deadly king cobra was caught outside a grocery shop by a skillful animal rescuer using his bare hands.
The snake was found hiding on the bushes alongside the car park in Phang Nga, southern Thailand on August 24.
Staff called for help from rescuers because it was too big for them to handle. The experienced reptile rescuer Tanaphon Butmee responded to the call.
After locating the venomous reptile, onlookers were shocked when he grasped its neck without using any special snake-catching gear.
The experienced handler was able to easily grab the cobra and calmly stayed on the sack where it was put after the rescue.
Tanaphon reminded the locals to call the specialists immediately when they see wild animals.
He said: “The wild snake may have entered the property looking for food as they always did. If anyone sees a snake raging into the house, they must call the rescuers.”
Tanaphon later took the wild animal to the national park office before releasing it back to the jungle.

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