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Brigii Y120 Pro Mini vacuum cleaner review

REVIEW – We have a new family member in our house!  After almost two years being dogless, we decided to adopt this time around and get a rescue dog.  In our case, a rescue puppy!  He is a terrier/chihuahua mix.  He is very different from our previous dogs which have all been shelties.  For one, he is only around six pounds and he has very short fur.   I am learning the joys of having a short furred dog, even a very small one.  I don’t get the tumbling tumbleweeds of fur I used to get with our shelties, but I get small short fine bits of fur everywhere.  My home office furniture is dark, and I also have a dark workout mat on the floor.  Both items show the fur easily.  So when the chance came to review this Brigii Mini Vacuum I jumped on it.  Let’s see how it handles the dog fur!

What is it?
The Brigii Y150 mini vacuum is exactly what it says.  It is a cordless (USB rechargeable) mini vacuum and blower.  One end sucks and the other end blows.  The supplied attachments can fit on either end.
What’s in the box?

The mini vacuum – the filter is already installed and ready to go
One user manual
One long flexible extension attachment
One nylon storage bag
USB-C charging cord
hand pump blower tool
A single dual attachment that has a brush that can retract to provide a crevice nozzle
Hardware specs
Running time: ≈15minutes
Lithium battery: 2500 mAh
Max power: 80W
Charging time: ≈4 hours(green light at full charging)
Dimensions: 2.6×2.6×8.5in
Net weight:1lb
washable HEPA filter
Design an
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