Dolphins spotted ‘playing volleyball’ off Scottish coast

Photos of a pair of dolphins have gone viral after the majestic mammals were spotted performing acrobatic moves, including “playing volleyball,” near the Scottish coast.The “unreal” pictures were taken by Zaneta Blaszczyk, who captured the images at Chanonry Point on the Black Isle Peninsula in the Scottish Highlands, reports British news agency South West News Service.”We arrived at the beach just before sunset, and it did not take us long to spot the first dolphin,” Blaszczyk, 30, said. “I found myself a comfy place on the beach, from where I had a good view of the entire bay. The sun started to set, and the landscape looked unreal in the bright red colors.”
Two dolphins put on an acrobatic show at sunset at Chanonry Point on the Black Isle Peninsula in the Scottish Highlands. (Credit: SWNS)
ELUSIVE SHETLAND ORCAS CAPTURED ON FILM, CREATING ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME MOMENTBlaszczyk, who is a wildlife photographer and has taken some remarkable pictures, including one of a hare “floating” in mid-air, said the dolphins “put on a great show” for the group.”It almost looked like they were playing volleyball or something similar, but instead of a ball they used a fish, that kept flying in the air from one dolphin to another before it was finally consumed,” Blaszczyk added. “The dolphins were incredibly fast, so it was pretty challenging to capture them. It was mesmerizing, like a water ballet.”It’s believed there were approximately 15 dolphins in the pod, but the two seen in the photos were the most playful, providing an opportunity that Blaszczyk will forever be grateful for.
The two animals seem to be having a wonderful time illuminated in the orange evening light, as they leap from the water and soar high into the air. And one of the dolphins, in particular, is really putting on a show – leaping about three feet above the surface of the water. (Credit: SWNS) 
CAPE COD VOLUNTEERS RACE TO RESCUE 45 DOLPHINS STRANDED ON BEACH”I really feel like it was once in a lifetime opportunity for me, as a photographer and wildlife watcher, to see such a spectacle,” she added. “Everything was perfect – the light, the silence, the wonderful colors of the setting sun, and, most importantly, the setting on the camera.”Bottlenose dolphins are often spotted near Chanonry Point, which lies at the end of Chanonry Ness, according to Moray Dolphins. The dolphins usually come in on the rising tide, chasing fish, and can often be spotted from the shore.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP
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