10 Short Films You Can Watch On Netflix In Under An Hour

Netflix debuted a quirky and heartwarming short film with a mere 16-minute runtime called “John Was Trying to Contact Aliens” in August. The streaming service doesn’t often add short films so this was a welcome change-up.In the early days of the pandemic, it felt like there was nothing but time. Now half a year into this, I have less patience and am grateful for any storyline that concisely offers a satisfying narrative arc. This no longer feels like a moment for slogging through four seasons of a show with long episodes heavy on B-plots and frustrating characters (looking at you, “Halt and Catch Fire”).This is a moment for quick hits (but still not Quibi’s “quick bites,” never that). As such, I figured I should look into the few short films on Netflix that are worth checking out. NetflixZion Clarke in “Zion” on Netflix.I went by the
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