Black Helicopters Zip Around Downtown Los Angeles…

It is quite a bizarre spectacle, but the Army’s Night Stalkers do this sort of training in big cities all across the United States.Twitter Screencap/US ArmyOne of our readers reached out early this evening—September 1st, 2020—letting me know he saw a formation of four MH-6 Little Birds flying in tight formation over Interstate 5 near downtown Los Angeles. I joked at the time that it will be just a matter of hours until people start freaking out due to the urban training operations they were likely about to execute. Just like clockwork, a few hours after the sun had set, the social media posts began emerging. People couldn’t understand what they were seeing, and how can you blame them? Watching blacked-out little helicopters, most of which usually run with no lights, ripping low over rooftops, landing on tall buildings and quickly departing, and even flying down city streets, is certainly concerning—any action movie will tell you that. But the reality is that it’s only the world’s best helicopter pilots that are tasked with the hardest missions prac
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