Whitney Cummings: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me!

If you ever see Whitney Cummings wearing sunglasses indoors, don’t judge her. The host of Wondery’s new podcast, “Bunga Bunga,” exclusively told Us Weekly the reason she wears the sunnies is because she gets migraines from light. And that’s not her only quirk! The comedian, 37, also travels with duct tape. Want to know why? Keep scrolling to learn 25 things you didn’t know about Cummings.
1. My favorite Jelly Belly jelly bean is buttered popcorn.
2. I keep face lotion by my toilet so when I wake up in the middle of the night to pee, I reapply moisturizer.
3. I obsessively collect creepy vintage holy water bottles.
4. I always wear blue-light sunglasses inside, but not because I’m trying to look cool. It’s because I get migraines from light.
5. I know every lyric to the Rent soundtrack and can do most of the dance moves if I don’t wear an underwire bra.
6. I love bees. I’ve been stung four times by yellowjackets who try to attack the bees in my yard.

7. I broke my shoulder snowboarding after I lied to a guy [about] knowing how to snowboard.
8. The only reason I work out is because I want to get tattoos of my dogs on my arm.
9. My voicemail greeting says, “Text me.”
10. I carry a hammer in my car [in case] I see a dog left in a hot car.
11. In every show I make, I have a character whose name has an “x” in it: Alex, Max, Beatrix … I’m running out!
12. I carry duct tape when I travel to cover up lights in hotel rooms. It’s only been taken by TSA twice in 10 years. If I’m going away for a long time, I mail it to the hotel in advance.
13. My favorite place on Earth is Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, where my dad managed a hotel.
14. After a guest comes to record my [“Good for You”] podcast at my house, I try to send them whatever they complimented first as a thank-you gift. So far I’ve had to part with three horse statues.
15. When I drink whiskey, I start firing people who don’t work for me.

16. I’m obsessed with Mae West. I broke up with a guy who didn’t know who she was.
17. I do 10 pushups every time I say “sorry” when I haven’t done anything wrong, which is why I’m so in shape!
18. I have a pig named Joe who lives at Central Texas Pig Rescue in Bastrop.
19. I don’t respond to emails that start with “Per my last email.”
20. Now that cannabis is legal in California, I always forget that cannabis is legal.
21. I watch videos of jellyfish on YouTube to lull myself to sleep at night.
22. If meditation is defined by downloading apps you never use, I’m great at meditation.
23. When I was a kid, I wrote fan letters to Edward Furlong. Eddie, if you’re reading this, please find and burn them.

24. I wore color contacts in my second [comedy] special and one of them got stuck to my eye for, like, four days. I had to go to a doctor to get it taken out.
25. I keep my friendships strong by muting them on social media.
Wondery’s new podcast, “Bunga Bunga,” about the life of Silvio Berlusconi, premieres on Tuesday, September 8.
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