63 Thoughts I Had Watching ‘Iron Man 2’ for the First Time

Hello there! It’s Molly — and I am back with another Marvel film review (10 years late)!
My face when someone interrupts me during a Marvel MovieICYMI, I am watching all the Marvel movies for the FIRST TIME. I’ve already shared my thoughts on Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, and now, it’s Iron Man 2‘s turn!
Let’s just say…I hope this is better than The Incredible Hulk.
Marvel Studios63 Thoughts I Had Watching Iron Man 2 for the First Time

1. Oh we’re starting LITERALLY the exact moment the first one left off.
2. Immediately suspicious of this long-haired man.
3. Big feeling the name “Anton Vanko” will be important — perhaps that’s who just died? Is this his son sharing cocktails with a bird?
4. What. An. Entrance.
5. “I LOVE YOU TONY!” – girl in the audience, and also, me
6. Howard Stark has big time Walt Disney explaining EPCOT vibes.

7. STAN LEE AS LARRY KING. Excellent cameo choice.
8. PEPPS!!!!
9. Sam Rockwell!!! The celebrities keep on coming and I keep being delighted.
10. That’s not Terrance Howard…….
11. “A lot of things have changed.” LOL
12. OMG he just hacked the conference. I love him. The swagger with the sunglasses is too much. Have I said I love him?
13. Rut-roh! Being Iron Man is not good for your health.
14. I hope Pepps and Tony are still in love.
15. Aw, he made her CEO!! And his robot had champagne ready!!!
16. WAIT. *checks IMDB* That’s Mickey Rourke!!!!
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