Tangled coromorant rescued from Bedford Basin thanks to help of passing kayakers

A group of people came together to rescue a cormorant that was tangled in fishing gear in the Bedford Basin Sunday. A Hope for Wildlife volunteer says it was the second tangled bird she rescued that day.A tangled cormorant was rescued from the Bedford Basin and treated at Hope for Wildlife on Sunday. (Submitted by Liz McMahon)A group of people came together to help a young cormorant in the Bedford Basin who was tangled up in fishing gear. Susan Maddalena and her husband, Peter, were walking along the waterfront Sunday morning when they spotted a cormorant at the edge of the water.”I noticed that there was something shiny caught around his leg and neck,” said Maddalena. “And after we observed him for a few minutes, it was clear that he was in a desperate situation.” Maddalena said she contacted the Hope For Wildlife rehabilitation centre in Seaforth, N.S., which said the best option would be to see if they could capture the bird. “We did go down and try to catch him ourselves, but he jumped right back into the water and was out of our re
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