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Kilkeel: Up to 2,000 pigs killed in fire

A Kilkeel farmer said he is “devastated” at the loss of at least 2,000 pigs in a fire. The farrowing house at Glenmarshal Pedigree Pig, a shed where sows and their piglets were kept, was destroyed. Owner Trevor Shields said fire fighters did a “tremendous job” in stopping the fire from spreading.”In layman’s terms it’s the maternity ward and there were 140 sows in there with baby piglets, up to about three weeks old,” Mr Shields said.”Total number somewhere around 2,000 and they are just gone, which is very sad.”
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Media caption’I can’t put it into words’ – farmer’s devastation after 2,000 pigs die in fireHe added: “It is very emotional, it’s actually difficult for me to even talk about it.”The NI Fire and Rescue Service
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