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Minecraft Dungeons’ Creeping Winter Update Is Now Live, Full Version 1.4 Patch Notes

As promised, Minecraft Dungeons’ Creeping Winter DLC is now live. It arrives as part of a significant update which also brings new features, fixes, and more.
We have the full patch notes for you below, and we’ll also throw in an official description of the new DLC, just in case you missed it last time.

The Creeping Winter DLC brings a wintry storm that threatens to consume all it touches. The only chance of halting the biting frost is for a hero to take on new missions and relentless new enemies! Since no good deed goes unrewarded, let’s say it’s finders keepers on all the new armor, weapons, and artifacts you’ll run into along the way. Just watch out for chilling new mobs and slippery ice on your way to save the day!

1.4 Update
Creeping Winter DLC:
A creeping winter is slowly taking over everything it touches, and the source of its chilling power is a powerful creature known as the Wretched Wraith
Take on three new missions and face new enemies such as the Illusioner and Iceologer
As you hunt down the source of corruption, you’ll discover new armor, weapons, and artifacts below the snow and sleet
Two new player skins and the Arctic Fox pet
New Features – Free For All Players:
Daily Trials – New challenges every day that make wild changes
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