Breathtaking Sagana Waterfall Has Lured Dozens to Breathe Their Last

Sagana Falls in Muruguru, Nyeri County, boasts its uncanny ability to take one’s breath away, both aesthetically and literally.
With its deafening roar and monstrous rapids, the majestic waterfall on River Sagana is nature’s gift that gives and takes in equal measure.
Its sheer power and raging flow has allowed for the establishment of a 1.5 megawatt hydroelectric power plant run by KenGen.
Aesthetically, its enchanting natural appeal draws hundreds of local and international tourists for picnics and excursions every year.
But like a mythical creature that uses its mystical beauty to lure unwitting victims to their deaths, Sagana Falls has seen dozens of domestic tourists and locals breathe their last.

Authorities have marked it a danger zone, but curious visitors just cannot keep away.
In fact, security officials have on multiple occasions cordoned off the area due to the high risks, at times threatening jail terms for those who defy the moratoriums.
In just a year, at least 10 people have died at the waterfall, with more than a dozen more reported dead in the previous two years.
While a few of the deaths were reported as accidents that occurred as the victims were crossing the river, most of the victims were actually local tourists. Some were also reported as suicide cases.
In the upper part, River Sagana flows gracefully and quietly, until the still waters start cutting deep, high-walled go
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