‘Enemies Of The State’ Is A Complex, But Gripping Cyber-Doc [TIFF Review]

A clunky home PC appears, unassumingly, through the doorway on the clip from the home video, in the midst of a guided tour through the typical suburban home.  “That’s the computer that Matthew plays on all the time,” his mom explains. “Spends most of the day on this thing here.” That “thing” would give Matt DeHart his identity, as an activist for Anonymous and the operator of a dead drop server connected to Wikileaks. It would also, in many ways, destroy his life.

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His story is told, in all of its complexity, in Sonia Kennebeck’s “Enemies of the State,” a documentary feature that’s scored, paced, and plotted like a white-knuckle thriller. Those stylistic flourishes are appropriate, as she’s telling a straight-up, real-life spy story – complete with classified documents, accusations of treason, incriminating data on hard drives, and government agents torturing citizens for information.  And on top of all that, it’s the story of the powerless whistleblower framed by the federal government – DeH
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