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How New Customers Can Be Like Getting A New Puppy

If you checked in with this blog over the last few weeks, you know I’ve been considering adopting a dog. We went through a whole debacle with all of these rescue agencies, trying to fill out paperwork and going back and forth with them. But we did it. There was one dog that we actually found in Chicago, went down and visited, and she came back with us in the SUV. She’s a puppy! An 11-month-old named Layla. She’s gorgeous, she’s cute, she’s a devil.During these crazy times of spending more time than usual at home, having a puppy gives us something to do. An added bonus for me is that I get to walk her three times a day and I’m using that time to relax and also to listen to audio-books. I’m spending that time self-developing. I’m walking, getting exercise, and learning at the same time. It made me think about my business because recently I’ve landed a few new customers. It got me thinking, new customers are kind of like a new puppy. They’re both exciting, new, and they have challenges that have to be met.Today were going to explore how new customers can be like getting a new puppy.You Have to Build TrustFirst, you have to build trust. Now, when we brought the dog home, she was unsure because she experienced so many different environments. Layla was rescued from Texas, and chances are she was brought up in a truck, a car, or maybe a plane. And then she went to the rescue agency, who then took her to a foster home. Then from the foster, we picked her up and brought her into our home.There are so many new situations that this poor dog has to get used to. It’s going to take time to build trust. She has to trust us and we have to trust her. We have to trust her on a leash, we have to trust her in the backyard. Heck, we have to trust her when we’re sitting upstairs and she’s downstairs – because trust me, she can be naughty. But so far, she’s been good. It’s a new environment for her, and there are new ru
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