Am I not allergic to cats anymore?

I always thought I was allergic to cats, which is why I’ve never adopted one, even though I love cats. Recently I spent the weekend with a cat and experienced no allergy symptoms whatsoever. Does this mean I’m not allergic anymore?? How can I be sure?

I’d love to adopt a cat. But my allergies/asthma has always stopped me from looking into adopting a cat. I’d feel terrible about giving up a cat after we’d gotten attached.
Salient points:
I picked up, stroked, cuddled, and sat with the cat in my lap for most of the weekend. (He didn’t mind; he’s very sociable!)
The home in question had wood floors. My home has carpeting.
The cat was an outdoor/indoor cat with long fur (a Siberian cat). He’s about 2 months old.
I love cats but they give me asthma, which is not always easily manageable. But this cat gave me no symptoms at all. How is this possible? Can I have outgrown my symptoms? Is it because of the breed? I’d prefer to adopt a rescue rather than getting a pedigreed cat.
How can I be sure that I do not have allergies before looking into adopting a cat of my own? I don’t have too many friends with cats that I can socialise with, especially given Covid-era socialising considerations.

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