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Kaavan, the ‘world’s loneliest elephant,’ is finally being released from captivity

We have all experienced quarantine for much of 2020. But it has been nothing like the ordeal that the elephant known as Kaavan has has gone through. For most of us, isolation has consisted of Netflix, food delivery, air conditioning and any other amenities associated with the place we call home. However, Kaavan has been confined to the Marghazar Zoo in Pakistan for the last 35 years. Imagine that.The facility was closed down by Pakistan’s High Court in May due to a severe breakdown of inhumane conditions and systematic negligence. The elephant was bound by chains for the last two decades, and despite being overweight, the animal showed signs of malnutrition. After losing his partner in 2012, Kaavan struggled with loneliness on top of the unacceptable living conditions. That is
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