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Pairing the business case with the civics case for a USPS rescue

The Postal Service is not a for-profit business. It’s purpose is to connect Americans in every corner of the country, according to Bonk and Kase.Bonk is founder and CEO of Business for America, a nonprofit that seeks to mobilize corporate advocacy for democracy reform. Kase is CEO of the League of Women Voters and a board member of the Democracy Initiative, a coalition of 75 progressive groups advocating for democracy reform.It’s become a familiar set piece since 2018. One chamber of Congress passes a bill — and it stalls in the chamber on the other side of the Capitol.A recent and painful example is what House Democrats dubbed their Delivering for America Act, which would provide a much-needed infusion of $25 billion for the Postal Service and reverse unwise policy changes that have slowed down mail delivery. But this legislation is a bit different from the usual victims of hyperpartisanship in Congress. The House passed the bill last month with a degree of bipartisan support that’s really unusual these days: 26 Republicans, one out of every seven, joined the Democrats. But there is no prospect for a vote in the Republican Senate, where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has dismissed the bill as a “partisan stunt.”Private-sector leaders need to make it clear that this kind of business-as-usual gridlock is unacceptable f
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