First-Of-A-Kind Endangered Horse Cloned From 40-Year-Old DNA Born In US Zoo

Remember Jurassic Park where Steven Spielberg showed how cloning could bring dinosaurs back to life? Well, it has worked on an endangered species of horse in a zoo in USA, as per a News18 report. San Diego Zoo in an official press release revealed the successful cloning of a species called Przewalski’s horse. It is the first of its kind after being cloned from 40-year-old DNA. CNNThe colt was born on August 6, but the release came out on September 4. He was cloned at the Texas Veterinary Facility and gestated inside a domestic surrogate mother. Reuters“This birth expands the opportunity for genetic rescue of endangered wild species,” said Ryan Phelan, executive director of Revive & Restore.
 He has been named Kurt. Kurt was cloned from a cell line stored in the Frozen Zoo since 1980. CNNThis is a big breakthrough so who knows what other creatures could come back to life? But let’s not jump the gun. It is too early to tell what the future holds. Kurt is healthy and is expected to live a long life.
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