‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Trailer Breakdown: This is No Place for a Child

Disney+ finally released the first trailer for the highly anticipated second season of The Mandalorian, and it gave us a fantastic first look at the next series of adventures for the bounty hunter Din Djarin and his valuable, curious, and powerful little asset known as The Child.
In the second season of The Mandalorian, the titular bounty hunter is tasked with reuniting The Child with its own kind, which means seeking out the ancient order of sorcerers known as Jedi. That takes Mando and the kid to many locales across the galaxy, and puts them in the sights of plenty of nefarious characters. Let’s dig into the details with out The Mandalorian season 2 trailer breakdown.

At first, this looks like a traditional establishing shot of Mando’s ship, the Razor Crest, approaching a planet. But upon closer inspection, the back door of the ship is flapping around, the lights inside the ship are flickering, and one of the engines is damaged, sparking as the ship floats through space. What happened to Mando’s ship and who’s responsible? With so many parties chasing The Child, it could be anyone.

As Mando and The Child walk into the light of a street lamp, an unseen female voice speaks, “Show me the one whose safety deemed such destruction.” The voice not only sounds obscured by a helmet, but also sounds like it may belong to The Armorer from the first season. If you click on the closed captions, the voice is confirmed to be The Armorer.

Mando and The Child are heading down a dark street in what looks like a rough, seedy city. There’s graffiti on the wall, and even with the street lamps lining the street, it’s incredibly dark. For a guy who is hellbent on protecting this kid, Mando takes him to some pretty dangerous places. The female voiceover continues, “You must reunite it with its own kind.”

In voiceover, Mando asks, “Where?” We hear this as the Razor Crest flies over sandy mountains where a Tusken Raider roams with a bantha. This would again seem to further confirm that we’re returning to Tatooine sometime in the second season, assuming that’s the only sand planet where Tusken Raiders are found. Since Mando had to go there in the first season, a return would make sense, but for what purpose? The female voice answers Mando, which also serves as an answer to our own question, “This you must determine.”

Another familiar environment in the world of Star Wars, though not as prominent as the desert, is a chilly one. Hopefully this isn’t Hoth, because the galaxy would just feel far too small if we also returned to a planet from The Empire Strikes Back. However, it would be intriguing if this turned out to be ice planet of Ilum in
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