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Crews gain containment against deadly Butte County wildfire

on the north zone. They continue Thio push line direct line along the fire’s edge down towards, uh, the Feather River. Good work has been done in there today. They’ll continue to push that for several more days and eventually tied into the river. It looks real well when that progress is being made our contingency work. So the north of Highway 70 has been completed, as is the work in the Cherokee, which is on the West Division. No additional work is anticipated except for line rehabilitation in the future. In and around string town, no additional fire growth is expected. As you can know, Tate on the map by the black line working up the south fork of the Feather River up to the Ponderosa reservoir lines air in holding Noakes. Additional fire growth anticipated. The lines are still holding above the Ponderosa Reservoir into the Forbes Town reservoir. We do have challenges, however, in Section D and C, there has been continued fire growth to the west along the drainage. The good news is we do have a significant Does Aaron hand line tied in to the South Fork. Continue. Improvement on that line is happening as we speak and through the evening the fire continues to be held to some degree because we had the ability to fly retardant airplanes as well as helicopters to help slow the spread of this fire. We did have one minor spot fire across the drainage in the same areas last night. Currently, that is under two acres and being held in check by aircraft, and crews are working their way into that as we speak. Contingency lines and alternate lines continue to be worked on in Division D and see and improvements around the community of Forbes town up in Division Charlie near Bear Gulch at the confluence of Lost Lost, the Lost Creek Ravine and the Southfork, they’re still be is challenges in here is the fire progresses to come down, but no hard movement or across across the line on the South or Correction on Lost Creek Cruiser continued to improve the lines and will or optimistic will be able to put some more retarded in there and continue to move forward. Several more days of trying work will take place in these divisions as we get up above there in the Lost Creek Reservoir to slide Creek all the way up to a little grass valley reservoir. Direct line is holding and things air shaping up real well, and I wanted to go back and reiterate we had an opportunity today because the skies were clear. We did fly both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft retarded retardant planes, which we were ableto reinforce all these contingency lines and primary lines with retarded, with the hopes of boxing that all in. And then additional Type one helicopters would drop about 2500 gallons of water each drop in and around this area. So still trying a lot of changing wind directions in this drainage. But our crews are making progress.

Containment continues to grow against deadly Butte County wildfire

Containment continued to grow against the deadly wildfire burning in Butte County, according to Cal Fire’s Saturday update.”Cool temperatures and higher humidity settled over the fire last night with down canyon wind developing after midnight,” Cal Fire said.The blaze is called the North Complex West Zone and was formerly referred to as the Bear Fire. As of Saturfay night, the West Zone has consumed 79,850 acres with 50% containment. It’s part of the North Complex Fire, which flared up last week due to strong northern winds, the U.S. Forest Service Plumas National Forest division said.The North Complex Fire, which sparked mid-August from a lightning strike, has burned 289,981 acres and is 62% contained, as of Saturday night. The wildfire ignited in Plumas County last month and then spread to Yuba and Butte counties after windy conditions Tuesday caused the blaze to flare up.About 1,147 structures have been destroyed. Cal Fire said 74 structures were also damaged in the North Complex West Zone fire. More than 23,000 structures are threatened by the blaze.Cal Fire has released a map of the properties that were damaged and destroyed.| MORE | See Cal Fire map of damaged and destroyed property hereIf people don’t have access to the website, they can use a new call center created by the sheriff’s office. Residents can call 530-552-3010 to get more information about evacuations and property damage.Over the week, the Butte County Sheriff’s Office worked with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and Cal Fire to collect aerial drone footage of the wildfire.”In total, the drones captured imagery covering more than 50 square miles of damage,” the Butte County Sheriff’s Off
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