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Put these 3 incredible foreign TV series on your must-watch list

Some of the best TV shows coming soon are foreign series that American audiences should watch out for.
We recommend three international series coming to HBO Max, Apple TV+, and Sundance TV.
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The Godfather trilogy is a masterpiece of American cinema that audiences will no doubt still be fawning over years from now. There’s so much to appreciate about Al Pacino’s career-making turn as Michael Corleone, with his gradual transformation from a beloved son and war hero into his father’s successor as the don of the Corleone family — but foremost, for me, is the fact that it’s a performance that just never gets old.

In my early days as a reporter, I had a lawyer source of mine who used the character as a metaphor to explain to me (off the record, of course) a maneuver he was about to make against some litigious opponents. “You remember that scene in The Godfather, right after they christen the baby?” he asked me. How could I not? It’s one of the most pivotal scenes in the trilogy. It presents the baptism of Michael’s nephew, for whom he’s now the godfather — while, at the same time, Micheal has set in motion the assassination of an assortment of enemies to ensure his status as the Corleone family’s new actual Godfather. “That
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