Settling in a new cat in a small flat

Asking for a friend who lives alone in a small one-room flat and plans to get a cat. How would you go about settling a new cat in, given that s/he can’t give it a room of its own to get acclimatised, as is advised by most rescue shelters? We’re in the UK.

My friend has a small apartment (with garden) and wants to adopt a cat.
Rescue centres, friends and the internet all advise that you give the cat a room of its own to get acquainted with first. My friend has only one room in their apartment – the sleeping area and living space (now her home office) and a small galley kitchen separated from the main section by an archway.
How would they go about getting the cat settled in when there’s only one room in the apartment? I suggested moving some furniture around temporarily to cordon off part of the main room into a little safe haven for the cat, or potentially using the galley kitchen as cat’s home base – but my friend would have to go into and out of the kitchen a few times a day which might freak the cat out. She’s working from home so would be around the whole time.
She’s got a ton of supplies for the cat including a little tent bed thing that he can crawl into, and the kitchen has lots of shelves and nooks and crannies and a nice window ledge for him to sit on.
How did you settle your new cat into a small living space?

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