Boy falls into 100 ft well, rescued

A nine-year-old boy from Sedapalayam, near Tiruppur, had a miraculous escape on Monday after he accidentally fell into a 100 feet open well which had a venomous snake inside. Jovin, son of Xavier from Villamarathottam near Sedapalayam, was rescued by the Fire and Rescue Services personnel from Palladam fire station. According to the fire and rescue services, the well had a step at 85 feet depth where a peahen had laid eggs. Boys in the locality found that a snake, Russell’s viper, was trying to feed on the eggs and they stood on the edge of the well to watch it on Monday afternoon. Jovin accidentally fell into the well which had about 10 feet of water. He managed to climb on to one side of the step at 85 feet, away from the snake. Fire and rescue services personnel from Palladam station led by fire officer P. Suresh Kumar rushed to the spot. Leading fireman K. Thangavel climbed down the well using ropes and rescued the boy who had minor injuries. The snake was left inside the well.

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