Home on the Ranch with Travis Fimmel

The Australian actor Travis Fimmel, formerly known as Ragnar Lothbrok, eighth-century Viking slaughterer-hero, on the History Channel series “Vikings,” can, as of this month, be found navigating the virgin planet Kepler-22B, on HBO Max. In the new Ridley Scott-produced series, “Raised by Wolves,” Fimmel plays Marcus, a burly, bearded guy with a mullet, a knightly white surcoat, and a dark past, living among androids and animosity. Despite this, he retains a mellow vibe; so does Fimmel. On a recent Saturday, he was relaxing at his cattle ranch, north of Los Angeles. He wore a plaid shirt and a baseball cap; his beard was shaggy. “I’ve been busy doing a lot of fencing”—i.e., putting up fences—“while I’ve got this time off because of Covid, and planting a lot of trees,” he said. “Fruitless mulberry, because they’re great shade trees. Peppercorn, because they’re so drought-tolerant. Eucalyptus, because I’m trying to make everything as Australian as I can.” He hasn’t minded the time off. “I’d much rather be doing this sort of stuff than putting on makeup and playing make-believe,” he said.Fimmel, forty-one, grew up in southeastern Australia, on his family’s farm. “We h
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