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Pivoting With Purpose And Going To The Dogs

going to the dogs
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One in three Americans’ employment has been affected by the pandemic and all of us are questioning our purpose as we face these unsettled times. Stories of professionals who have encountered an unexpected career pivot and landed in a better place can be a great source of inspiration. Recently I met the the talented and exuberant Lindsey Decker, founder of DogMa and learned about her journey from corporate marketing to entrepreneurship.
DogMa is a home boarding and hiking business for dogs, serving the pups in the greater Madison, Wisconsin area. Her story points to the fact that your side hustle can become your life’s work. One of the many amazing things I learned about her (and envy) is that she has run a successful business for years, without ever being on Zoom before our interview. Instead, she and her team spend their days running around Madison, WI in their decked out vans transporting and playing with dogs.
Lindsey graduated from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater with a degree in Communications and Journalism and worked in marketing across various industries, including pharmacology, hospitality and artisan cheese. Although there were some benefits to this chapter in her career, ultimately, she found herself dissatisfied because her passion was dogs, not corporate marketing.
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