Python caught raiding poultry farm regurgitates a goose


Python caught raiding poultry farm regurgitates a goose

This is the gruesome moment a huge python that raided a coop then regurgitated a goose.
Wassana Somwong, 35, was about to feed the chickens on her farm in Saraburi province, central Thailand, when she found the bloated snake hiding in one of the cages on September 20.
The frightened farmer called the animal rescuers to help her remove the reptile that had been feasting on her livestock.
She said: “It must have been the one killing my chickens in the past. I have lost five so far, I thought they were stolen. I called for help because it might have eaten all of my animals if I left it there.”
The rescue team rushed to the scene and found the 8ft-long python trying to regurgitate its latest victim – an adult goose – to try and escape away from people.
Rescue volunteers waited for the snake to finish spitting out the goose before they grabbed its neck using tongs.
One of the rescuers said that a python normally regurgitates its food when it is scared and wants to flee.
He said: “The snake is threatened but could not move because of its full belly, so it spits out its last meal to get away.”
The snake was put into a sack to be released back into the wild.

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