Dead Crows Drop From the Sky in Russian Town — Another 2020 Warning?

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Dead birds in the road are never a good thing. Dead crows are worse because of the mythical connotations they bring. Dead crows in Russia in 2020 during a pandemic sets off so many warnings, it wouldn’t be surprising if people in the area just packed up and left. Welcome to Balakovo, Russia, where this week a road was mysteriously covered with dead crows and no one has given residents a reason for their scary demise. Anyone for hiding in a cave until January 1, 2021?

“Who knows what happened? The birds just fell down dead.”
Photos and videos on various Russian media sites on September 20, 2020, showed black birds on a street in Balakovo in the Saratov Region of southwestern Russia near the Volga River and the border with Kazakhstan. With the sudden occurrence and no obvious cause, various theories were spreading, including elect
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