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Facts You Need to Know About Google on Its 21st Birthday

Google is the biggest internet company in the world today.  And it seems that this giant, successful company is going to have a birthday. As a present, we came up with a few interesting facts in honor of the birthday big boy company.
1. People do not seem to know Google’s exact birth date.
Yes, it is true. People do not know the exact date of Google’s birthday. It has been reported that Google has been given six different dates for their official birthday. Eventually they decided they need a fixed date, so that people know when to celebrate. Google later determined that September 27th will be the day.
2. Google may even happen to be 25 years old.
There are some indications that the real birth date might come even earlier than ’98. Google could be in fact, over the age needed to purchase alcohol in the US, legally. Although Google already has encoded their official starting date with the cryptic “98 9 27” doodle, it all must have started even earlier. In 1995, in the dormitory of Standford, the two main Google guys initiated the miracle power behind the most popular search engine in the world. Some say that during the infant years of Google development, the two founding men were frequently in disagreement with each other. However, we have the search engine today as proof they eventually shook hands and decided to put aside their differences and get to work.
3. Google has a T-rex dinosaur on-site as a special reminder.
Indeed, there is a T-rex on-site at Google’s headquarters. The dyno structure features a bone from a real Tyrannosaurus. When an amateur paleontologist initially discovered the bone by accident, they thought it comes from a different type of dinosaur. Stan, the name of the bone construction, is a vivid reminder that adaptation is key to survival.Apart from being a preferred gathering spot for flamingos meeting, Stan is there to remind Google employees they need to give their best all the time. Or risk having their company become extinct, just like a dinosaur.
4. A T-rex game likes to hide in Google Chrome.
Google is fond of dinosaurs, we noticed. Apart from the giant structure at their HQ, they also made a digital dyno version. When you browse the net on Google Chrome, a warning will appear about Google not being able to connect.When the dinosaur is visible, if you push the space bar on your keyboard, a game will begin where you are a running dinosaur jumping over obstacles. The game length is theoretically infinite and has been an arena for peculiar competition for the highest score.
5. Many things are hiding in Google’s products.
You can find many Google easter eggs by doing a simple search. These hidden gems become quite apparent once you begin to understand what they are.  For example, searching with the word “askew” will
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