How to find all Blue Coins in Super Mario Sunshine

Source: iMoreSuper Mario 3D All-Stars brings back three Mario games in one…and with them, a host of familiar old collectibles. None are more notorious than Super Mario Sunshine’s Blue Coins, which stumped many a Mario fan back in the GameCube era and now return to confuse us all further.
An Isle Delfino vacation

Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Three classic Mario games in one pack
Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy return as a collection in Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Revisit the Mushroom Kingdom, Isle Delfino, and a galaxy of planets with Mario and his friends as he seeks, in each game, to once again rescue Princess Peach from the hands of Bowser and his lackeys.

Blue Coins are scattered throughout Isle Delfino and make for tempting collectibles and a necessary reward for those who want to 100% the game. If you’re on the hunt for all Blue Coins in Super Mario Sunshine as a part of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, here’s the low-down on what you need to know to find them.
What are Blue Coins?
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Blue Coins are collectibles in Super Mario Sunshine that are intended as rewards for being exceptionally good at exploring, fighting enemies, or finding secrets. They are the same size and shape as Gold Coins but are dark blue colored, and they will prompt you to save your game whenever you find one. Once you’ve collected one, it will not reappear again.
Finding all Blue Coins are necessary for obtaining all Shine Sprites in the game, so while they aren’t necessary to finish the game, if you want full completion, you’ll need to go after these.
What do I do with Blue Coins?
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A single Blue Coin on its own doesn’t do anything. However, once you collect ten, you can start getting Shine Sprites.
Take ten Blue Coins to the boathouse in Delfino Plaza, which is the building that has the Ricco Harbor entrance. Head inside, and talk to the NPC behind the desk. He’ll prompt you to trade ten Blue Coins for a Shine Sprite. You can do this up to 24 times total for 24 Shine Sprites in exchange for 240 Blue Coins.
What are some tips for finding Blue Coins organically?
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In total, there are 240 Blue Coins in Super Mario Sunshine. 20 are located in Delfino Plaza (one is on Delfino Airstrip, which is considered part of Delfino Plaza), and each world off Delfino Plaza has 30 apiece except for Corona Mountain, which only has 10. You will also never find Blue Coins within underground levels (where Shadow Mario takes your FLUDD away).
When hunting for all Blue Coins, keep an eye out for the following:
NPCs covered in goop. Some (not all!) will offer Blue Coins as a reward for fully cleaning them off
Painted letter “M”s on the sides of walls and structures. Spraying these off will get you a coin
Painted X, O, or triangle. Spraying these off will cause a second X or O elsewhere in the level to spit out a Blue Coin. You’ll have a time limit to reach the matching shape before the Coin vanishes, and you have to restart. You can then spray the second shape off the wall for the same thing to happen in reverse for two total Blue coins.
Anything unusual – sometimes Blue Coins are gleaned from spraying down things that look unusual or defeating certain enemies
Plain sight — many Blue Coins are just sitting out in the open, especially in high places!
Where are all the Blue Coins located?
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Delfino Airstrip
Return to the airstrip after entering Corona Mountain once and use the Turbo Nozzle to blast through the double doors of the building. Spray down the ice for a Blue Coin.
Delfino Plaza
In the jail on the corner of town close to the fruit markets. The entrance is in the back
In the underground tunnels, enter through the manhole cover near the Pinna Park cannon entrance. Follow the tunnel under the ocean to the island
In the underground tunnels, enter anywhere other than the entrance near Pinna Park and follow the tunnels under the canal running through town. One Blue Coin is in the tunnels beneath the Shine Gate
Still in the tunnels, another Blue Coin can be found above the Shine Gate beneath a lake
Graffiti M: On the tower with the weathervane
Graffiti M: Under a crate on a roof below one of the towers
Graffiti M: Under a crate by the canal beneath of the Shine Gate
Graffiti X: On the Pianta Statue, with the other X appearing on the building near the pier. Two coins.
Fruit Exchange: There are several Piantas around town who will give you a Blue Coin if you deliver them three of the fruit they request. Most of the fruits can be found at the fruit stands near the beach. The first Pianta you’re likely to encounter is waiting beside the canal, and she requests bananas. Put three in the basket for the Coin.
Fruit Exchange: To the right of the Shine Gate, a Pianta will request pineapples
Fruit Exchange: To the left of the Shine Gate, a Pianta wants durians, which will have to be kicked to her
Fruit Exchange: Finally, a Pianta on an island off the coast wants coconuts. These grow on the tree on the island.
Blue Bird: Spray down a Blue bird flying around town. Easily found by standing by the pineapple in the Sirena Beach entrance and waiting for it to land.
Blue Bird: Same as above, tends to land more often to the left of the Shine Gate
Once you unlock Gelato Beach, a Pianta will run up and down the fruit market on fire. Dowse the fire to get the coin.
Once you unlock Yoshi, use him to spray the orange goo off the window of one of the towers in the plaza. Enter the window for a coin
Again with Yoshi, find more orange goop on a tower near the Pinna Park cannon. Enter for the coin
With the Turbo Nozzle, head toward the stone pillars in the ocean past the lighthouse. Bust through the doors in the base of one of the pillars for a coin.
Bianco Hills
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All episodes
Follow the stream at the end of the path you start on up toward the village. It’s underwater, right in front of the gate at the end of the stream
A Blue Coin appears in different spots in the lake from episode to episode, always underwater. In Episode 1, you can find it near the platforms that cross beneath the bridge to the windmill on the right. Easily spotted from the bridge.
Floating in the air near a windmill in the village
Sitting in an alcove in the village building that has two towers on top
Spray the alcoves on the house with the balcony near the stream. One gives a gold coin, the other a Blue Coin
Spray the small windmill standin
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