Huge python caught under woman’s bedroom wardrobe in Thailand


Huge python caught under woman’s bedroom wardrobe in Thailand

A young woman was terrified after an aggressive and hungry 20ft-long python woke her up in the night before it hid under her wardrobe.
The 22-year-old woman was sleeping when the hissing reptile entered her two-storey wooden house next to a river in Nakhon Pathom, central Thailand on September 25.
She called the animal rescue service for help and they rushed to her house with snake catching gear.
The snake appeared to be aggressive so the rescuers first cleared the house before going to the cabinet where it was last seen.
After thirty minutes of luring it out, a brave rescuer pulled it out from under the closet and secured its neck using iron tongs.
Head rescuer Nirut Saksupap, 38, said the snake must have been taking refuge and looking for food in her home during the rainy season.
He said: “The python looks hungry which is why it was aggressive. It was the longest and biggest snake we have ever rescued.”
The serpent, estimated to weigh 50 kg, was put into a sack before they took it to the deep woods for release.

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