Python Left Helpless And Unable To Move After Swallowing A Whole Goat

Pythons are known to kill their prey by constriction and are one of the world’s largest snakes. A python is typically 10 to 20 feet long and have a unique way of devouring their prey – swallowing them whole. The reptiles have stretchable skin and flexible lower jaw which allows even a large animal to pass through their mouths.In a bone-chilling incident, a python who was unable to move after swallowing a goat in Uttar Pradesh’s Sihari village of Rampur district, was rescued by forest officials on Sunday.Also read: ‘Monty’ The Python Regrets Having Swallowed Beach Towel That Vets Had To Later Yank Out Of Him
Twitter/ANIAccording to a report by news agency ANI, the python, after consuming its large prey, lay immobile. Locals alerted the forest department after panicking over the situation. Forest officials reached the spot to rescue the big reptile.The snake was rescued and released in a nearby forest area.Twitter/ANIRajiv Kumar, Divisional Forest Officer, told news agency ANI, “Our team reached the spot immediately after getting information that a python was found in Sihari village of the Rampur district. The team rescued it and released it in the nearby forest.””It seemed to have consumed a large goat, because of which it was unable to move. Locals were initially scared. But we asked them not to get frightened, as python is a harmless snake and is non-poisonous,” he added.Rampur: A python was rescued from Sihari village on Saturday. Rajiv Kumar, Divisional Forest Officer said, “It had consumed a large prey so it was not able to move. The python was released in the forest.” (27.09.2020)— ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) September 27, 2020In another incident which happened a few months ago, a giant python swallowed a peacock whole in Haryana. The python was reportedly 15-feet-long and and became the great snake’s prey near a forest in Haryana’s Yamunagar district.Last year, a similar incident occurred in Australia where a python swallowed a crocodile whole. A nearby kayaker had managed to capture the horrifying moment on camera near Mount Isa, Queensland. Closer home, another incident of the large reptile swallowing a deer took place in Uttar Pradesh in April 2020. The nerve-wracking moment was also captured on video and shared by IFS Parveen Kaswan on Twitter, leaving people absolutely terrified.
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