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The 31 best movies to watch on Disney Plus

We all know Disney Plus has Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and classic cartoon nourishment for you to hit up whenever you need a comforting night in.But aside from all that, there are a host of great Disney movies which might not be front and center on your radar. From classics like the original 1961 Parent Trap, to Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie that will destroy anyone who’s lost a pet dog, Disney has an eclectic lineup well worth checking out.

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Here are some of the best movies on Disney Plus you might have overlooked.

Mulan (2020)

DisneyContinuing its crusade of live-action remakes of cartoon classics, Disney brings Mulan — for a $30 fee on top of your subscription. Or just wait until Dec. 4 for it to become free for all subscribers. Unlike 2019’s The Lion King, 2020’s Mulan adds more to its story about a young woman who takes her father’s place in a fight against a Hun invasion during the Han dynasty. You won’t hear any of the iconic songs, but it’s a visual feast with a few new characters and exhilarating action. It should be a good one to pump all the family up.

Holes (2003)

DisneyA faithful adaptation of Louis Sachar’s YA novel, Holes saw a fresh-from-Even-Stevens Shia LaBeouf take on one of his first major film roles. Stanley Yelnats IV’s family is cursed to the point Stanley is wrongfully convicted of stealing a pair of sneakers and sentenced to time at a juvenile detention camp… where they dig holes in the desert. Along with an immense cast, including Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight and Patricia Arquette, Holes has a visual and thematic sophistication you might not expect from a teen movie.

Splash (1984)

DisneyRon Howard’s rom-com about a man who falls in love with a mermaid scored an Oscar nom for its screenplay — and rightly so, with its perfectly warm, glowy comedy letting stars Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah do their charming thing. Splash is pure comfort viewing with the added fun fact that Hannah’s mermaid tale was designed by visual effects artists to be fully functional.

Frankenweenie (2012)

DisneyA black-and-white homage (and spoof) of old horror movies, Frankenweenie tells a charmingly simple story: A boy named Victor tries to bring his dead dog back to life. Using stop-motion and a host of Tim Burton cast favorites, including Winona Ryder, this take on Frankenstein is a classic Burton oddball story, brought to life with heart, beautiful visuals and a palpable boyish enthusiasm.

Avatar (2009)

DisneyYep, there are about 100 more Avatar movies on the way, but why not rewatch the original that blew everyone’s minds when it came out in 2009 with its insane technical breakthroughs in special effects? The human race invades Pandora and its indigenous Na’vi in a misguided attempt to colonize the lush, habitable moon. Aside from the cardboard cutout characters and obvious A to B script, James Cameron’s epic remains undeniably sensational to this day.

The Parent Trap (1961)

DisneyBefore Lindsay Lohan made her film debut in the remake of this rom-com, Hayley Mills starred in The Parent Trap, playing both twin sisters on a quest to reunite their divorced parents. A flick that speaks to both adults and kids, the original The Parent Trap thrives on its relatable family dynamic, charming characters and well-timed gags, even if it doesn’t break any new ground.

Black Is King (2020)

DisneyNearly single-handedly leading the rise of the “visual album” (The Beatles started it all the way back in the ’60s), Beyoncé and her latest, Black Is King, melds together just that: stunning visuals and music from the tie-in album she curated to the recent The Lion King.
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