Youth falls into 130 feet well, rescued

Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Services personnel rescued a youth from a 130-feet defunct well near Palladam in Tiruppur district on Wednesday.The 21-year-old man from Odisha district tripped and fell inside the well at Samigoundampalayam near Palladam, officials said. The well had water for about 30 feet of its height, in which a Russell’s viper, one of the most venomous snakes, was present.Through his own efforts, the man climbed up from the water using a pipe and reached a small stage-like structure built inside the well that was nearly 60 feet deep from the surface. Upon receiving information from the residents, a team from Palladam Fire Station led by Station Officer P. Sureshkumar reached the spot.“He must have climbed up out of fear of seeing the snake,” Mr. Sureshkumar said, adding that he could not climb up further as he was tired. A head constable from the team reached the structure and helped in tying a rope around the man, following which the rest of the personnel rescued him out of the well.Following the rescue operation that lasted for nearly an hour, the youth was sent in an ‘108’ ambulance as he suffered injuries in his head and right leg, Mr. Sureshkumar said.

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