How Help? Hrant’s Ark foundation

Hrant’s Ark Foundation was founded on the initiative of the Founders – Hrant Davoyan, Agata Arakel, and friends on February 22, 2018.

The idea of creating the Foundation was the opportunity to help animals in a legal and formal manner. Well-known and well-liked Hrant Davoyan who has always been active in helping defenseless animals around the world is the main founder of this foundation. His activity has been repeatedly appreciated by many animal rescue organizations and friends.

Hrant’s Ark Foundation deals with the fight to improve the fate of animals. This goal is pursued by a whole range of activities – from reacting in cases of abuse of animals and handling cases in courts against their tormentors through training of state institutions to carrying out large-scale campaigns and information campaigns promoting the ethical treatment of animals.

It also encourages adoption of shelter animals and stigmatizes inhumane and unethical practices of companies and individuals

The Foundation’s mission is charitable and educational activities in the area of: care and assistance to homeless, abandoned or cruelly treated animals. Supporting activities in the field of environmental protection. Promotion and dissemination of information on healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

The priority goals of the Foundation’s activities are:

– humane animal protection,

– protection and promotion of health,

– supporting activities in the field of environmental protection and ecology,

– conducting educational and scientific activities,

– supporting volunteering activities;

– charity work,

– social assistance,

– dissemination and protection of consumer rights,

Hrant's Ark Foundation

The Foundation accomplishes its goals by:

– organizing, financing and promoting investments, campaigns and research leading to the elimination of cruelty to animals;

– financial and material assistance for animals;

– running a shelter for animals;

– organizing and supporting volunteering activities;

– organizing and financing education in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle;

– actions to protect human health by making them aware of research on healthy nutrition;

– cooperation with state and self-government authorities as well as institutions, enterprises and natural persons operating in the territory of the country and foreign entities to the extent necessary for the implementation of the Foundation’s objectives

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